Frequently Asked Questions

What is Goodgive?

Do nonprofit organizations have to pay to join?

Can any nonprofit sign up?

Is my donation secure?

Are there any fees?

Is my donation tax-deductible?

How do I sign up my nonprofit organization?

What is the smallest donation I can make?

Can I make a private donation that won’t be shared for others to see?

How does a challenge work?

Who determines who won the challenge?

How do I select the winner of my challenge?

If I lose a challenge, does my credit card get charged automatically?

Where can I download the Goodgive app?

What are the OS/device requirements for the Goodgive app?

Can I donate online?

I want to donate to a nonprofit but I don’t see them listed. What can I do?

Who is Goodgive?

Which tabs of the Stripe Dashboard will my nonprofit be using?

Is there anything our nonprofit should do with our Stripe account to get started?

When will donations in our nonprofit Stripe account be transferred to our bank account?

How long does it take for donations to be processed?

Will our nonprofit name show on the donor’s card and bank statement?

Will donors receive an automatic email for donations?

Can I see what our nonprofit email receipt will look like?

Can I invite other team members to help manage our Stripe account?

Can our nonprofit refund a donation?

Can I receive an email when our nonprofit has received a donation?

What can I do if I have more questions?